About us
"Prime" - high standards of dental care.
Prime Dental Clinic is an up-to-date approach to dental services, multiplied by the experience and high qualification of our team. Prime Dentistry was founded in 1992 to provide high quality services and has been concerned about the health and smile of our clients for 27 years. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, using only the best materials and our team is constantly trained to use the latest trends from the world of dentistry to which we add our experience and get a great recipe for our success. We know how to treat and like to do it well. .
Founded in 1992
"Prime Dental Clinic" has been taking care for the health of our clients for 27 years using the latest dental technologies.
Location in the heart of Kyiv
Dental clinic "Prime" is located in the center of Kyiv, near the Palace Ukraine metro station.
Modern equipment
The clinic is equipped with the latest equipment and is one of 3M company certified dental clinics.
Professional team
Our dentistry is not just a beautiful interior and good dental equipment, it is a professional team. Doctors of the highest category and their assistants who understand their colleagues at a glance. All this works for the benefit of our customers.
Open a new site
Time is tirelessly advancing. Our dentistry always strives to be better. Therefore we decided to improve our communication with customers and updated the site.
Open a renewed clinic department
In May 2019 we opened our renewed clinic department, which located on str. Predslavinskaya in Kiev for 27 years.
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We thank our customers for their patience and understanding. We are waiting for you!
Prevention is always better than treatment, this rule applies in almost all medical fields and dentistry is no exception. I haven't seen a tooth lost because the person went on an additional preventive visit.
Molozhanov Ihor
medical director
A beautiful smile is not a gift from nature, but a responsible approach to your health.
Dashian Daria
Doctor of the highest category, dentist
If a person does not like his own teeth, he will have to get acquainted once with dental implants.
Potekhin Dmitry
Doctor of the highest category, one of the leading dental therapists in Moscow.
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