Cavities treatment
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Cavities treatment
The service includes: x-ray diagnostics, anesthesia, providing emergency primary care, treatment of carious tooth disease and dental filling."Prime" Dental Clinic - For 27 years we have been taking care of your teeth. 
Service include:
  • X-ray diagnistics
  • Anesthesia
  • Provision of emergency primary care (temporary filling if necessary)
  • Carious treatment
  • Dental filling
Service price:
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Answers to frequently asked questions
1. What is the treatment for tooth decay?
Caries can be of different types. If you don 't come to the dentist in time, you may need endodontic treatment. This is already a more complicated procedure. Therefore if you have unpleasant feelings it's better to come in advance than to wait until the toothache becomes unbearable.
2. Which dentist should I visit if I have tooth decay?
Dental therapists are involved in the treatment of caries. You can find out more on the phones listed in the contacts below.
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