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Dental implantation is always a very responsible and important step for a person. Each client is worried not only about  his future implant but also about how this dental procedure will pass, how new tooth adaptation will go and what level of comfort will be after implantation.You are in right hands! For 27 years Prime Dentistry in the center of Kiev has made the implantation process for our clients as safe and convenient as possible.
Service include:
  • Dental implantation
  • Immediate dental implantation
Service price:
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Answers to frequently asked questions
1. What determines the price of implants?
The price of implants depends on several factors: 1) Which implants brand do you choose.2) The need for additional bone material before implantation.3) This is a conventional or one-stage implantation.
2. What is the difference between implants of diffrent brands?
Implants of various manufacturers differ primarily in their sizes, not all implant brands have a palette of small or large sizes of implants. In addition, in the world of implantology there are also diffrent brands this also needs to be taken into account. But you can be sure of one thing, all the implants that we use in our clinic are certified high-quality implants that will faithfully carry out their work.
3. Do i need a bone material?
An implantologist can give you an answer to this question during consultations.
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