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Caring for your teeth from childhood is the key to future health of the oral cavity. Prime dentistry has been involved in the prevention of childhood dental diseases for 27 years. We know that any disease is better to prevent, especially when it comes to treating baby tooth decay.
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Unfortunately most of us have known about toothache since childhood. Caries affects both children and adults but unlike adults, children’s teeth are more susceptible to dental diseases. The reasons for this: it is both the love of babies for sweet and lack of vitamins, and some difficulties with children ‘s hygiene. Of course any disease is better to prevent and if it concerns child caries then prevention comes first.

At the Prime dental clinic in Kiev, we offer a full range of dental services and preventive measures for our young clients:

Treatment of children’s caries

Tooth fluorination is the saturation of dental enamel with fluorine, one of its main elements. Fluoride along with calcium are the main components of tooth enamel. And healthy enamel is the best protection against tooth decay and a guarantee of dental health. Saturation of the tooth with fluoride strengthens it, destroys bacteria and provides tooth protection for a long time. Our specialists carry out both conventional and deep fluorination of teeth: Conventional fluorination involves applying a special gel to the surface of teeth. Deep tooth fluoridation is a dental procedure which consists first in drying the tooth surface then applying a gel and then coating the tooth with a special medicinal substance which closes the tooth and this in turn intensifies the tooth enamel with fluorine and provides long-term protection of the tooth from negative effects of various external factors.

Fissure sealing is a preventive measure that protect the tooth fissure with a special material. Fissures are depressions and buggers that are on all teeth except cutters and fangs; bacteria usually accumulate in these depressions, which are very difficult to clean from germs. Fissure sealing is a very effective remedy for tooth decay and is usually carried out at the age of 6-7 years when the  first permanent tooth appear. Considering that the main mineralization of tooth enamel occurs in the first three years after teething, the sealing of the fisses is a very effective preventive measure to avoid tooth decay and ensure the health of enamel in the future.

Sedation – treatment of children under general anesthesia

We advise our young clients to prevent tooth decay and other dental diseases, a good and balanced diet, regularly brush their teeth and visit the dentist regularly. Here you can learn more about the prevention of dental diseases in adults.


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Answers to frequently asked questions
1. How can I make an appointment with the dentist?
You can make an appointment with the doctor through any of the communication channels listed in the contacts.
2. How long does the visit to the dentist last?
It all depends on the complexity of the treatment. The appointment with the dentist lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can find out more details by calling us at the phones listed in the contacts.
3. With which doctor should I make an appointment?
If you have a toothache or need a general consultation you need a general dentist. Orthodontist deals with bite problems. If you need to pull out a tooth you need a surgeon. An orthopedic dentist makes dentures and dental crowns. Also in our clinic there are specialists of completely different profiles: pediatric dentist, implantologist, periodontist and others. You can find out more details by phone listed in the contacts.
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