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A beautiful smile, brilliant and flawless, the one that charms everyone around you. Isn't that everyone's dream? Besides, a correct bite is not only an aesthetic comfort of life but also the prevention of many dental diseases.Braces, clear aligners Invasilign, dental plates, we offer a full range of orthodontic services that will help to achieve the desired result precisely in your individual situation. And thanks to modern dental technology and the high qualification of our orthodontists, bite correction becomes a faster and easier process than it ever was.At  Prime Dental Clinic we are able to make your wishes come true. 
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We often associate a modern and successful person with a good and snow-white smile. A beautiful smile is impossible without the right dental bite. Besides, smooth teeth are not only a matter of aesthetics this is the prevention of dental diseases as well as the guarantee of oral health in general. The problems associated with an uneven dentition are performed by orthodontists.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with bite correction and pathologies associated with dental occlusion.

Why is proper bite of teeth so important? Since it depends not only on how charmingly you smile, an even tooth bite affects the uniformity of the tooth load and the digestive system as a whole. With an incorrect bite numerous dental diseases can occur, hygiene deteriorates, the likelihood of tooth decay increases, the jaw joints are uneven which can have very unpleasant consequences not only for oral health but also numerous problems with the cervical, digestive system and human well-being generally.

In Prime dentistry in Kiev we offer you a full range of orthodontic services depends on your situation:


Invasilign – invisible mouthguards

tooth plates

orthodontic appliances

Each of these dental treatment types has its own advantages.


Braces are a conservative type of bite correction. This technology is able to cope with any dental pathology, has a predicted course of treatment and the result. The disadvantages include not the highest aesthetic component. But the bracket systems do not stand in one place they are constantly being improved thanks to which their efficiency increases and aesthetics becomes much better. Braces such as Daemonds or Insignia are no longer just an orthodontic treatment, but a combination of engineering genius with medical knowledge in one unit. In the dental clinic “Prime” in Kyiv we offer our customers braces from leading manufacturers for every taste and wallet, colored or almost invisible, lingual braces and ligature, sapphire or metal. Our orthodontists will help you make the right choice, depending on your situation. Today, braces are the choice of a smart person as they show consciousness, hygiene and a responsible attitude to their health.

Invasilign is a modern masterpiece of engineering in the world of orthodontics. This is the solution to many problems that stand in the way of a proper dental bite. Invisible, convenient, effective – these are invisible mouth aligners that are not inferior to braces in functionality but do not have their disadvantages.

Dental plates are a simple and effective form of orthodontic appliances that are used to treat minor dentition pathologies. Simplicity, efficiency and reasonable price these are the main advantages of dental flakes but they can not cope with all pathologies.

One thing we can say is exactly what kind of orthodontic treatment you wouldn ‘t choose the right bite will positively affect your health and give confidence and comfort in your life. And the right way to the smile of your dreams will help you choose our orthodontists. And if you are already lucky and confidently smile confidently to everyone around, we can make your smile even more сharming.

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Answers to frequently asked questions
1. How can I make an appointment with the dentist?
You can make an appointment with the doctor through any of the communication channels listed in the contacts.
2. How long does the visit to the dentist last?
It all depends on the complexity of the treatment. The appointment with the dentist lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can find out more details by calling us at the phones listed in the contacts.
3. With which doctor should I make an appointment?
If you have a toothache or need a general consultation you need a general dentist. Orthodontist deals with bite problems. If you need to pull out a tooth you need a surgeon. An orthopedic dentist makes dentures and dental crowns. Also in our clinic there are specialists of completely different profiles: pediatric dentist, implantologist, periodontist and others. You can find out more details by phone listed in the contacts.
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