Dental implantation is always a very responsible and important step for a person. Each client is worried not only about  his future implant but also about how this dental procedure will pass, how new tooth adaptation will go and what level of comfort will be after implantation.You are in right hands! For 27 years Prime Dentistry in the center of Kiev has made the implantation process for our clients as safe and convenient as possible.
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Dental implantation is a procedure of dental implant insertion in oral cavity.

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Answers to frequently asked questions
1. How can I make an appointment with the dentist?
You can make an appointment with the doctor through any of the communication channels listed in the contacts.
2. How long does the visit to the dentist last?
It all depends on the complexity of the treatment. The appointment with the dentist lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You can find out more details by calling us at the phones listed in the contacts.
3. With which doctor should I make an appointment?
If you have a toothache or need a general consultation you need a general dentist. Orthodontist deals with bite problems. If you need to pull out a tooth you need a surgeon. An orthopedic dentist makes dentures and dental crowns. Also in our clinic there are specialists of completely different profiles: pediatric dentist, implantologist, periodontist and others. You can find out more details by phone listed in the contacts.
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